1st social walk Corey & Thissy

Last Sunday Corey and I met Thissy for the first time. She is an 5-year old Cavalier who finds it difficult to meet unfamiliar dogs in daily life. We hope that she can gain self-confidence and social skills, dealing with other dogs.

Corey and Thissy got along very well from the beginning, exploring their environment together. What can’t be seen in the footage (because both dogs were often off-screen) is that they did not necessarily do this at close proximity to one another the entire time, but they were often exchanging short glances and communicated through their body language. They were off lead for a short time, but this made Thissy nervous. For now, she preferred to have the safe connection to her human that the lead provides. Towards the end of the walk, Corey started asking her to play with him, but she was not prepared to do so yet. We will meet again for another walk soon!

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